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Summer Camp 2019

NEW! Link to Activities Sign-ups!

Summer Camp 2019 will take place Saturday, July 20th - Saturday, July 27th at the Owasippe Scout Reservation in Twin Lakes, Michigan.

Follow these four easy steps to register. (Registration deadline is Tuesday, May 7th):

Step 1: Read updated information packets (links in righthand column)

Step 2: Fill out online registration form by following this link: Register for Owasippe 2019

Step 3: Download the Forms packet (link in right hand column)

In this packet you will find three required items that need to be completed:

  1. BSA Medical Forms Parts A, B, and C. (Note: Part C requires an exam by a physician. You also need to make a photocopy of your medical insurance card, both front and back.)
  2. Three Strikes Discipline Policy Acknowledgement
  3. Activity Selection Form

There are also fouroptional forms:

  1. Equine Liability (required for horse-back trail rides)
  2. ATV Participation Agreement (required for scouts signed up for ATV programs)
  3. Mountain Bike Agreement (Available to Scouts 14 or older and First Class or above.)
  4. Dietary Restriction Form

Step 4: Review the Program information (link in righthand column).  This contains a list of merit badge programs you can sign up for.  Send your selections to Mr. Estes.

All Forms Are Due By Tuesday, May 7, 2019!

These forms can be delivered to Assistant Scoutmaster Jeremy Van Ek either at a Troop meeting or at his residence (329 Scott Ave., Glen Ellyn).  Contact Mr. Van Ek with any questions.

Download Camp Forms!

(Feel free to contact Registrar Jeremy Van Ek with any questions)

Download this Overview Info packet for key overview information.

The Forms Pack includes required and optional forms to fill out.

Program Information - contains list of merit badge programs.

Information for adults attending camp and required forms.

2019 Owasippe Summer Camp Program Guide.

Other Useful Stuff...