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PLC Leadership Elections

Elections will be held at the troop meeting on Tuesday August 27

You must register online to run for a PLC leadership position.  Elections close the night before voting.  All candidates must have a prepared speech they plan to give to the Troop to run for these positions.

Open Positions

1 – Senior Patrol Leader/1-2 Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders

4 – Patrol Leaders

2 – Quartermasters

To run for a leadership position please follow the link below and fill out the basic questions. Submissions will automatically email the Scout Master and the PLC Coordinator.

Election Leadership Request Form

Think about the following questions prior to clicking on the link

1.       What leadership position are you looking to run to be elected or appointed for?

2.       What will you get out of being a leader?

3.       What will the Troop get out of you being a leader?

There are many positions within the organization to achieve rank advancement then in the past which are appointed by the PLC Leadership.  Once the Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders and the Patrol Leaders have been elected they will be taking requests for appointed positions.

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