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Eagle Project – Service Hours – 7/29  - Jack A.

Hi scouts. My name is Jack Andringa, and I am currently working on my Eagle project. I am organizing a benefit concert for the PADS organization. The concert will occur this weekend on Saturday, July 29th at 6 p.m. at St. Petronille Church in the Parish Life Center

I am in need of volunteers to be greeters, serve refreshment’s, and work backstage at the concert. All volunteers will need to arrive at 5 p.m, an hour before the concert begins. If you are interested in helping out, please send me an email at

Not only will you be doing me a great service by helping with my project, but you will also receive service hours, which are essential for rank advancement. Also, anyone who picked up a bag from me at the last troop meeting can drop it off at the concert. Please invite your families and friends to the concert. You can send the attached flyer to anyone who is interested in attending. Thanks for your help!


Wisconsin River Canoe Trip 8/18 – 8/20

Fri 8/18 - Sun 8/20

Join Troop 41 for a weekend of paddling the Wisconsin River. We will stay at a campground Friday night, departing on the water Sat morning.  Paddle all day Sat and camp on the river Sat night.  Return to base Sun morning to pack up and drive home.  

This is an awesome trip, but also one of the more demanding ones physically, mentally, and scout skills-wise.  Therefore your scout must meet the following requirements to go on this trip:

Mandatory requirements:

  • Classified as a "swimmer" according to BSA swim test.  Must have passed swimmer test at Owasippe or Troop swim test.  
  • Minimum rank of Tenderfoot or higher

Preferred requirements: (not mandatory but highly recommended)

  • Completed at least one of Swimming, Canoeing, Kayaking, or Rowing merit badges

Departure: Meet Friday at 5:30 pm for 6:00 pm departure.  Meet at Old Dominick's parking lot (Baker Hill shopping Center, 800 Roosevelt Rd.).  

Arrival back home: Estimated 2 pm at Old Dominick's parking lot.  We will call when in route with updated ETA.  

Packing: No trailer on this trip.  Scouts will need to pack in an efficient manner, as gear needs to fit in a canoe and be hauled by the scout (+ troop gear) to and from canoes.  All packing must be 100% waterproof.  Dry bags are the best, but multiple garbage bags will also work (inside a backpack or duffel bag,).  Garbage bags will only work if doubled or tripled and sealed tightly (e.g. with zip ties). 

Meals: will be provided by Troop.  No cooking this trip.  MREs for a special treat for Sat dinner.  


Owasippe Tent Cleaning and Return

Any scout that took home a tent from Owasippe should return it at this Tuesday’s troop meeting.  It is imperative that the tents have been setup to be dried and cleaned.   Please make sure your scout takes the time to do this, as they will be inspected at the meeting and sent back to your scout if it is found to be dirty or damp.  Thanks for your understanding.

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