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New Troop Website is available

Troop 41 has a new and improved website

Our tag team volunteer couple of Dave and Yvonne Houghtaling are working very hard to create a new and exciting website.  Please note that it is in its infancy stages right now, but we do have summer camp information available on it.  The other tab available right now is Troop News.  Thank you IT department for getting this site up and running!

Missing scout book

Scouts, please check your backpacks to verify if you have the correct scout book.  Someone left a book at a meeting last month and I have it.  Another scout who thought it was his confirmed it is not.  So, we are hoping somebody picked up the incorrect book.   Please check and notify Mr. Ruggiero (  Also, this would not be a problem IF you added your NAME to the book.   Please put your name on all your scout possessions.

Summer Camp Registration is Open

Registration for T41 Summer Camp at Owasippe is now open.  Follow the link below to register:

Since the troop website is currently down, all the information needed is contained here, including links to forms and additional information.  After filling out the online form, you will need to turn in three signed paper forms, and potentially two other optional ones.  One of the forms is the BSA medical form parts A, B, and C.  Part C needs to be filled out by a physician, so if your scout hasn't had a physical since last year, schedule one now.  

Key dates:

  • All forms due: Tues, 5/9
  • PLC Prep meeting: Weds, 7/5
  • Troop Prep meeting: Tues, 7/11
  • Summer Camp: Sat, 7/15 - Sat, 7/22
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